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The Benefits of DMA Live Virtual Classes for Kids

To all the parents who are worried about their children today on what to do inside the house while still in this catastrophic pandemic event we’re facing, don’t fret! DMA offers live virtual classes For Children and families. Listed are some of the benefits our DMA live Virtual Classes offers for you and your Family.

Tips to Keep Children Safe During the COVID-19

Tips to Keep Children Safe During the COVID-19

TEACHING OUR CHILDREN ON THE REAL STATUS You can open a simple light conversation asking your child about the amidst outbreak. If the child doesn’t know anything, don’t try and force yourself to educate them, just explain the importance of hand hygiene instead. If your child opens up about coronavirus, be honest and explain the

How DMA Students Fighting The Coronavirus

How DMA Students Fighting The Coronavirus

Coronavirus is widely spreading nowadays and is easily transmitted through droplets. It has claimed so many lives all over the world, and the worst-case scenario is still up to these days, there’s no known vaccine or cure. STAYING AT HOME HEALTHY DMA students are staying at home to prevent contracting the disease. While at home,

Amazing Female Martial Artists Everyone Should Know

Keiko Fukuda, a judo master Keiko Fukuda was a Japanese American who inspired women to pursue martial arts. “Be strong, be gentle, be beautiful.”, Fukuda one said. She was known as the ‘judo master in history. Judo was a well known unarmed combat derived from jujitsu that intends to train the mind and body. Fukuda

Does Martial Arts Make Kids Violent?

Martial arts are traditions of combat practices that teaches adults mostly children to learn self-defence, mental and physical development and confidence. Some parents have fear to engage their children in martial arts because of the thought that it could encourage them violence and aggression in the learning environment. Direct Martial Arts Academy has a fun

What Makes a Good Student

Students have differences in levels of motivation, characteristics or attitudes and mostly in learning. Teaching students mean understanding their differences and in years of handling martial art classes I have observed different responses of my students. Here are some abilities on what makes a good student: Keen Interest in learning A good student has an

The Benefits of Tai Chi for Health & Wellbeing

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Martial art that aims to achieve physical and mental well-being. Tai Chi works on the body in a holistic way wherein it improves the different aspects of life; physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health. The training, posture, and alignment of the body successful movements, deep breathing, and focus. Here

The Benefits of Save & Controlled Sparring

Becoming a great martial art artist, sparring was one of the best daily practice to gain more confidence and skills in learning self-defence. Some people may love it other may hate it too because not everyone like being hit and here are the benefits of save and controlled sparring that will drive your fear into

Self Defence for Women

As a woman, have you ever experienced walking at night and thinking about fear if there might be an attacker on the dark corner? You’ve probably experienced having a heart rate speed uncontrollably when there’s someone following you? A woman should know how to defend herself from attackers. Learning self-defence was the best way to