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Self Defence for Women

As a woman, have you ever experienced walking at night and thinking about fear if there might be an attacker on the dark corner? You’ve probably experienced having a heart rate speed uncontrollably when there’s someone following you? A woman should know how to defend herself from attackers. Learning self-defence was the best way to protect yourself from attackers. Self-defence also build confidence to women, learning the skill, technique, and form to successfully defend yourself in a self-defense situation showed me I have worth. Here’s top 2 self-defence techniques every woman should know how to beat and escape from attackers.

Straight Punch

A straight-punch is the standard power punch used in most martial arts. Striking the opponent with rear hand versus a jab where they would strike an opponent with their forward fist. If the attacker is in front of you a straight punch is very effective. Aim your punch for the most vulnerable areas such as eyes, nose and throat.

Front Kick

The most basic martial arts/self-defence techniques of all is front kick but it is also difficult if untrained. Anyone can learn basic techniques to improve the flexibility and balance of a kick but you need proper and lot of training to use it effects. Here are steps to properly do it.

Kick at long or mid range
Strike below the hip
Hit the attacker’s leg
Distract or stagger the attacker
Drive an attacker backward

To learn more about self-defence techniques, direct martial arts academy provides self defense classes for woman or even young children. You may call us for more information.

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