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What Makes a Good Student

Students have differences in levels of motivation, characteristics or attitudes and mostly in learning. Teaching students mean understanding their differences and in years of handling martial art classes I have observed different responses of my students. Here are some abilities on what makes a good student:

Keen Interest in learning
A good student has an eager interest in learning. Student’s can learn a lot if he/she has a keen interest in the subject matter. When a certain topic connects to what student, like to do that, will engage them to create their own ideas in a meaningful way. A good student pay attention to class, engage with the topic and learn from it.

Has passion
A passion is what we love to do naturally. A good student is passionate about the things he/she loves to do. Martial arts classes teach students not just self-defense but also building oneself. When you take classes you need to understand that you are pursuing it because you will learn from it passionately.

Maintaining your focus in class may lead to academic success. The ability to cope up with everything your teacher teaches you makes you as a good student. Paying attention requires both physical and mental preparedness that will enhance your attention aptitudes and may develop your learning.

A good student is a ‘smart’ student academically and morally. Cognitive skills in learning anything and uses it in very meaningful ways leads to success. To be able to learn is a gift and having the intelligence in learning makes you a good or even great student.

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