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The Benefits of Tai Chi for Health & Wellbeing

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Martial art that aims to achieve physical and mental well-being. Tai Chi works on the body in a holistic way wherein it improves the different aspects of life; physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health. The training, posture, and alignment of the body successful movements, deep breathing, and focus. Here are top 3 benefits you can get in learning Tai Chi

Balance Control

As we grow old going through our middle age, balance function begins to fail, poor balance function increases fall and injury. Recent studies prove that Tai Chi a conditioning exercise is an effective way to maintain and improves balance control enhancement and fall prevention. The research substantiates that Tai Chi is safe and effective (Wang, Collet & Lau, 2004) in maintaining balance control. Many researchers prescribed Tai Chi as an alternative exercise program for elders or even balance-impaired patients.


Tai Chi began as a martial art that incorporates and meditate movements and specifically breathing. Flexibility training helps the body to pump blood to muscle and nerves and one of the most effective and easiest ways to maintain flexibility is through Tai Chi. Research highlights that the combination of martial arts movements and deep breathing could be very helpful in any range of fitness and flexibility.

Reduced Depression and Increased Self-Esteem

Many seniors care facilities and community centers offers Tai Chi classes for elders/seniors because of its proven extensive health benefits and find it an easy activity and a peaceful environment to relieve stress and increased self-esteem. Tai Chi is proven to reduce high blood pressure which drives depression to elders. In a study conducted by Taipei Medical University, two groups (a Tai Chi group and a sedentary control group) of 76 individuals with mild high hypertension were compared. After 12 weeks of practice, the Tai Chi group’s blood pressure decreased by an average of 15.6 Hg. In addition, the Tai Chi group’s cholesterol and anxiety levels were lowered.

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