Martial Arts Classes in, Doncaster, Rotherham, Thorne, Barnsley, Sheffield and Milton Keynes.

School Information

Welcome to Direct Martial Arts School. Here is some information regarding our rules, policies and structure of our school to make your start with us as easy and comfortable as possible.



Please refer to your schedule for class times. We highly recommend you attend class on consistent days and times each week to make attendance a part of your weekly schedule. If, for some reason you are unable to attend class, we ask you to call the School to inform us. Parents picking children up should do within ten minutes of class ending. The School becomes very busy around class times and we cannot be held responsible for watching unattended children.


Parents are encouraged to watch classes. We only ask that you respect the class by remaining quiet, and that if you bring younger children you keep them quiet and under control.


All members should attend all classes and exams in full uniform. Students who are members of the black belt club may wear club t shirts. Our official uniform can be ordered once students have obtained yellow belt.


If you will be missing class for holiday or illness for a period longer than one week please notify the instructor. The time you miss can then be added to the end of your programme or made up on your return.


We are open on all holidays with the exception of December 25th and January 1st. However, on most holidays the schedule will be modified. All holiday schedules will be in our newsletters two weeks prior to the holidays.


Students of the Direct Martial Arts School show their progress in the art by the colour of the belt they wear. Each colour belt is a stop along the way to the ultimate goal of Black Belt. The purpose of this test is to make sure that every student is progressing on schedule. Your progress starts with white belt.  Testing for belts is done at a formal graduation by a Senior Instructor. Only students that have obtained a certain level will be invited to apply for graduation for their next belt level. Students are notified in class when they are nearing a test. If a student is on schedule they can plan on testing every three months. If for any reason you miss a progress check or belt exam, please see your instructor to arrange to make up time so as not to delay your progress.


“I intend to develop my self in a positive manner and avoid anything that would impair my mental grow or physical health.”


If for any reason you fall behind and need help, see your instructor and schedule a time. There is no charge for extra help sessions. If you are interested in a private class with your instructor or the Master Instructor please call 07417 404028 to arrange an appointment.


Any student who recommends our school to a friend, who then enrols onto one of our regular programmes, will receive a martial arts gift, private lesson, seminar or graduation.