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Does Martial Arts Make Kids Violent?

Martial arts are traditions of combat practices that teaches adults mostly children to learn self-defence, mental and physical development and confidence. Some parents have fear to engage their children in martial arts because of the thought that it could encourage them violence and aggression in the learning environment. Direct Martial Arts Academy has a fun learning environment that promotes self-defence technique while acquiring self-discipline and respect with each other. Classes where trained to listen and focus on the art of learning eventually they learned, develop themselves and boost their confidence.


One of the parent’s learners says “My son has been going 2 years now and still loves it, he has much more core strength and confidence”. As an experienced martial artist, I have gone through a lot of my learner’s differences but all of them accomplished. Teaching them with compassion, respect, and discipline that leads them to keep learning and create enthusiasm to pursue martial arts.

In Direct Martial Arts Academy with a relaxed and friendly environment and we do not promote violence and aggression. Our martial arts classes are filled with energetic and enthusiastic kids that learn every principle of respect and discipline. We offer 2 weeks trial for your children. Visit us today!


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