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What are the most significant things martial arts taught me about life?

In years of teaching martial arts to kids, adults even elders, I have learned various things about life. It is very challenging to connect with your students and at the same time learning different styles, techniques of martial arts. Bruce Lee said, “To be a martial artist means to be an artist of life”. Beyond self-defense, building confidence and focus, martial arts is also all about life. Here are some of the important things martial arts taught me about life.

The art of learning

Martial arts is an art of life. It is a way of expressing oneself through its different styles and techniques. The way you defend yourself towards your opponent. The knowledge that we gain is the guide of developing an interest in learning more in a martial art. To become a martial arts instructor, you must master the art.

Overcoming my ego
Mastering martial arts taught me how to overcome my ego. We all know that an ego destroys you as a person, it forces us to believe that we’re far way better than others and it is usually associated with arrogance. Learning martial arts is a great help to subdue an ego. I have been motivated to learn more about martial arts which I learn, experience and live and helps me overcome my ego which means learning is more important other than success or winning or boasting about accomplishments.

Respecting authority
Do you seldom find it difficult to respect those who have a measure of power over you? Respecting authority means a compliance of honouring ordains to lead and follow. Learning martial arts moulds me as a respectful person in everything, more importantly, showing respect to authorities.

Conflict Management
Conflict management means an ability to be able to handle and control conflicts sensibly, reasonably and efficiently. Martial arts help and empower me to resolve conflicts, we all know that conflict happens in our daily lives, some can’t control it other may find it hard to settle issues. Through martial arts disciplinary actions and knowledge, I have been cultivated on making more effective choices. Through accommodating, avoiding, collaborating, and most importantly compromising.

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