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The Benefits of Save & Controlled Sparring

Becoming a great martial art artist, sparring was one of the best daily practice to gain more confidence and skills in learning self-defence. Some people may love it other may hate it too because not everyone like being hit and here are the benefits of save and controlled sparring that will drive your fear into courage in learning to spar.


Learning martial arts gives you a sense of power over others, who may be weaker than you. This power can be dangerous in sparring. Self-control was one of the best positive attributes you can learn in sparring, it teaches you how to turn your aggressiveness to be calm and controlled. Sparring teaches students self-defence and yet techniques to control the skills you have acquired.


Good players inspire themselves, great players inspire others. Having a good sportsmanship means treating each other with respect and dignity in winning or even losing. The best thing you can get in sparring is having a great sportsmanship, it teaches students that in sport there is a winner and a loser and losing means there are still a lot of lessons to be learned.

Application of skills

Sparring teaches you how to use skills appropriately, the balance or focus and coordination. Being able to defend yourself and developing self-confidence are some of the skills, controlled sparring will teach you.


One of the best reason why you need to learn martial arts was to learn how are we going to defend yourself. Save and controlled sparring was one of the best training to learn effective self-defence skill. Being able to protect yourself from opponent and save yourself from bullies especially for children.

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