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What Makes a Good Instructor?

Being an instructor it is your main responsibility to establish and maintain a civil, productive, efficient and the best learning environment. An instructor should know his subject-matter even beyond subject knowledge and essentially an instructor should know how to engage with students and improve the teaching-learning process. According to William A. Ward quote; “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” A good teacher should inspire learners to keep learning.

In teaching Martial arts you need to be a good instructor not just a skilled one but there must be a passion of work to pass that knowledge so you can produce high-quality students. Here are top 5 qualities that make a good instructor:


Martial arts is not just merely a self-defense it is so much more than that. Teaching students proper techniques and associated skills is a great part of teaching but students should also know the theoretical part of martial arts. The history of martial arts, the proper terminologies used in martial arts and every key aspect so the students will be well-rounded and know everything about subject knowledge.

Great communicator

In teaching martial arts it is best to make connections with students and you need to have great communication skills to successfully connect with learners. Get to know your students. Ask questions about them and whereabouts. You need to show them you care about their lives also so you can build trusts with them. An effective instructor knows how to build relationships with students.


One of the best qualities an instructor should have is patience. An instructor should know the learning differences of students, students vary in skill level; fast and slow learners each and every student may learn new knowledge differently and this naturally, will affect how they perform in the class.

A good instructor knows how to deal with learners diversity backgrounds without getting frustrated, angry or impatient. Students tend to succeed when instructors take the time to teach at a learners speed without making them feel hopeless or less capable.

Motivation and Inspiration

A good teacher inspires learners to succeed, the one that can inspire could motivate students to action. If you can engage with students they’ll be motivated to keep learning new skills. To motivate them, they also need to see and feel your passion for your profession. An instructor should lead by example.

Instructor with passion inspires students. A good instructor will always find ways to get more interested in what they are teaching and make things more interesting for students. Being an instructor is a big responsibility , being able to teach means you are accepting as a role model for your students.

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