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Martial Arts Reduce Children’s Aggression

There are a lot of predictions and preventing prison violence in addition to interviewing prisoners to take part in rehabilitation programs. Harwood emphasized in her study that Martial Arts reduces aggression or it improves cognitive and psychological factors which may lead to reduction.

It is really interesting that a lot of people wants to engage in Martial Arts but doubts that this will lead to some critical effects especially to children. There are a lot of studies which discusses that Martial Arts is not a sports that teaches children how to oppress others because they can. Here are some points on how to understand it:

Children should be taught the proper instructions

Nachum Kaplan emphasized on his blog that martial arts could increase aggression if taught in a way where students gained status from beating others as opposed to gaining status from developing themselves. This means that children get aggressive actions from people around them. It is important that parents should see to it who their children looking forward to. This is not just for parents. Choosing a right school of Martial Arts is one big factor that influences children’s actions.

It is not pure Physical Strength, also Mental Alertness.

Jet Li a known Martial Artist have said that the most important thing is goal. Whether you want to be healthier or to improve your balance in mentality. If you want to know more about the universe, or to understand life, meditation training is very intensive in order to achieve your goals.
A martial artist will be called great not only on how he perform the techniques but on how healthy his mind is. For it is the mind who commands every action. If the goal is cruelty, body will respond and inflict tyranny to others. Thus it is important to be healthy mentally.

Bruce Lee once noted, “emotion can be the enemy. If you give into your emotion, you lose yourself”.

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