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How Kung Fu Helps Build Character

Kung Fu is one of the styles in Martial Arts. It is not just about performed actions nor showing strength and alertness, but being determined in the inside.

Here are Three Characters that Kung Fu built best in every child.


Pro or amateur, everyone who participates in competitive sports can have problems with self-confidence at one time or another. Beth Rifkin, a sports analyst wrote this in her blog which made me realize that indeed artist feel down sometimes. However, a child can start building confidence if he feels security and assurance that he is able to defend himself, he is able to compete and able to show vigor. It is best to give children these abilities while they are young.

In my years of learning Martial Arts, I noticed that Karate has techniques same with Kung Fu. While reading related subjects, I have read Sifu Korahais’ idea about Kung Fu. He can prove on his own experience that Kung Fu needs more order and more structure. I realized that the big secret to long-term discipline was to be found in the Kung Fu culture. The big secret to discipline is that it must be cultivated and nurtured — slowly, steadily, tenderly, not clobbered with a club.

Self Control

Self-Controlled people are knowledgeable about the different techniques, when to apply it, and who to imply with. They don’t just show them to all people as they are pleased but they know when is the right timing. Children would understand it better if the coach, who is teaching or will teach them, believes and see their capacity.

Engage in Kung Fu for it doesn’t only hone your physical abilities but also your character. Believe that you can. Do your best, be persistent to achieve your goals, for No Pain, No Gain.

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