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What Makes a Good Instructor?

Posted by mel on 23rd March 2018

Being an instructor it is your main responsibility to establish and maintain a civil, productive, efficient and the best learning environment. An instructor should know his subject-matter even beyond subject knowledge and essentially an instructor should know how to engage with students and improve the teaching-learning process. According to William A. Ward quote; “The mediocre […]

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What is Chinese Kickboxing (Sanda)

Posted by mel on 16th March 2018

Sanda means free-striking or free fighting, however, the natives refer to it as “technical combat” or “sharp hitting.” It is the national combat sport in China for martial arts fighting competitions (Panther) Sanshou is a combination of full-contact kickboxing, takedowns, wrestling, throws, sweeps and even elbows and knee strikes along with punches and kicks. It […]

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The Benefits from Practising Kung Fu Forms

Posted by mel on 9th March 2018

There are various ways to perform Kung Fu but what are the benefits of practicing Kung Fu forms or known as Taolu? According to the International Wushu Federation, “Taolu is a set of connecting stylized movements choreographed according to certain laws, embodying the philosophical connotation of attack and defense.” In this article, we will be […]

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Introduction to Wing Chun

Posted by directmartialarts on 31st January 2018

Wing Chun is one of the most famous styles in wushu and is also one of the adult martial arts. It is believed that it was originated in a period of civil war started on Qing Dynasty in the Chinese era, approximately 300 years ago. A legend has been told about Wing Chun and said […]

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How Kung Fu Helps Build Character

Posted by directmartialarts on 29th December 2017

Kung Fu is one of the styles in Martial Arts. It is not just about performed actions nor showing strength and alertness, but being determined in the inside. Here are Three Characters that Kung Fu built best in every child. Confidence Pro or amateur, everyone who participates in competitive sports can have problems with self-confidence […]

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Martial Arts Reduce Children’s Aggression

Posted by directmartialarts on 16th December 2017

There are a lot of predictions and preventing prison violence in addition to interviewing prisoners to take part in rehabilitation programs. Harwood emphasized in her study that Martial Arts reduces aggression or it improves cognitive and psychological factors which may lead to reduction. It is really interesting that a lot of people wants to engage […]

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Benefits of Learning Martial Arts

Posted by mel on 7th December 2017

martial arts for kids

Martial arts refer to various training for self-defense against threats and develop physical skills. Learning martial arts is very useful for the improvement of child’s self-control, attention and every different aspect of life; physically and emotionally. Here are the top 5 benefits of learning martial arts: Respect and Self Discipline According to Jake Wayne, discipline […]

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Direct Martial Arts National Championships November 2016

Posted by directmartialarts on 10th July 2016

Welcome to NEST API Websites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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