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Amazing Female Martial Artists Everyone Should Know

Keiko Fukuda, a judo master Keiko Fukuda was a Japanese American who inspired women to pursue martial arts. “Be strong, be gentle, be beautiful.”, Fukuda one said. She was known as the ‘judo master in history. Judo was a well known unarmed combat derived from jujitsu that intends to train the mind and body. Fukuda […]

Does Martial Arts Make Kids Violent?

Martial arts are traditions of combat practices that teaches adults mostly children to learn self-defence, mental and physical development and confidence. Some parents have fear to engage their children in martial arts because of the thought that it could encourage them violence and aggression in the learning environment. Direct Martial Arts Academy has a fun […]

What are the most significant things martial arts taught me about life?

In years of teaching martial arts to kids, adults even elders, I have learned various things about life. It is very challenging to connect with your students and at the same time learning different styles, techniques of martial arts. Bruce Lee said, “To be a martial artist means to be an artist of life”. Beyond […]

What Makes a Good Student

Students have differences in levels of motivation, characteristics or attitudes and mostly in learning. Teaching students mean understanding their differences and in years of handling martial art classes I have observed different responses of my students. Here are some abilities on what makes a good student: Keen Interest in learning A good student has an […]

The Benefits of Tai Chi for Health & Wellbeing

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Martial art that aims to achieve physical and mental well-being. Tai Chi works on the body in a holistic way wherein it improves the different aspects of life; physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health. The training, posture, and alignment of the body successful movements, deep breathing, and focus. Here […]

The Benefits of Save & Controlled Sparring

Becoming a great martial art artist, sparring was one of the best daily practice to gain more confidence and skills in learning self-defence. Some people may love it other may hate it too because not everyone like being hit and here are the benefits of save and controlled sparring that will drive your fear into […]

Self Defence for Women

As a woman, have you ever experienced walking at night and thinking about fear if there might be an attacker on the dark corner? You’ve probably experienced having a heart rate speed uncontrollably when there’s someone following you? A woman should know how to defend herself from attackers. Learning self-defence was the best way to […]

What Makes a Good Instructor?

Being an instructor it is your main responsibility to establish and maintain a civil, productive, efficient and the best learning environment. An instructor should know his subject-matter even beyond subject knowledge and essentially an instructor should know how to engage with students and improve the teaching-learning process. According to William A. Ward quote; “The mediocre […]

What is Chinese Kickboxing (Sanda)

Sanda means free-striking or free fighting, however, the natives refer to it as “technical combat” or “sharp hitting.” It is the national combat sport in China for martial arts fighting competitions (Panther) Sanshou is a combination of full-contact kickboxing, takedowns, wrestling, throws, sweeps and even elbows and knee strikes along with punches and kicks. It […]

The Benefits from Practising Kung Fu Forms

There are various ways to perform Kung Fu but what are the benefits of practicing Kung Fu forms or known as Taolu? According to the International Wushu Federation, “Taolu is a set of connecting stylized movements choreographed according to certain laws, embodying the philosophical connotation of attack and defense.” In this article, we will be […]