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Self Defence



Self defence classes teach self defence techniques designed for real world scenarios.

While martial arts classes are great for building fitness and exercising, martial arts teaches patterns and set moves that may not always apply in a pressured or stressful situation.

During self defence classes, students will often work with a partner rather than someone who is moving through set exercises, routines or patterns. Students are taught how to act under pressure using different, physical and mental techniques, to help deal with situations where personal safety may be at risk.


Because Self Defence classes focus on technique rather than fitness and strength, just about anyone can take part of learn regardless of fitness level or ability.

People who regularly walk late at night or lone workers who work in isolation can benefit from self defence classes to help them feel safer and secure.

Build up confidence or self esteem

Help stay fit and healthy

Learn real world self defence techinques

Relieve stress

Self defence classes are fun too!



You’ll learn the most important concept of effective self defence – awareness.

You’ll learn how to become aware of your environment or surroundings so you can spot any potential dangers or risk to your personal safety. After all, the best form of self defence is to not be there in the first place!

In the unlikely event that a situation becomes more challenging, you’ll learn physical techniques such as hand and elbow strikes to help neutralise an opponent. You’ll also become aware of how to target areas on the body that are vulnerable to strikes that can provide a quick way out of a confrontation.

You’ll also learn the importance of shouting – a highly underestimated but effective self defence technique!